Enderase Amen
Orthodox Assembly

"When he is old and reaches veneration, may he speak likewise to his children, renewing the teaching of his father.
Every man teaches as he acts. May he speak to the children,
 so that they may speak to their children. Set an example, do not give offense. If Ma'at stands firm, your children live" !

The Neter Sesen

The Neter Sesen (The Divine Rebirth) is the cannon of the oldest books in the world on spiritual and moral teachings, originally from the African Nile Valley as taught to the ancient scribes and priest. Instructed by Tehuti or in Coptic he is called Thoth, in Greek he is called Hermes in Judaism he is called Metatron, Islam he is called Idris and in Christianity Enoch. It is in two codex The Shat Sila Ma'at (The Books of Knowledge and Order) and The Nesu Enderase (The Books of King and Vivzers). Here in is the true and original path to Know Thy Self.